RUF Summer Conference Recap

A little over a month ago, I got to attend RUF Summer Conference for the third time. I even had the honor to write a blog post for RUF National to recap the week from my perspective. As usual, it’s a week that is full of biblical teaching in large group and seminars, singing hymns from Indelible Grace Music, hanging out with friends, and spending time on the beach.

Here is my recap as a student from Summer Conference:

Gospel-centered teaching, sweet community, volleyball, and hanging out at the beach are a few things that make up Summer Conference. It truly is the best week of the year!

This was my 3rd time to attend SuCo with Belmont RUF. Every time I go, I am reminded of God’s loving kindness and the ways He has provided sweet and special community for me through RUF. One of the ways I have seen Him at work this past week was through a conversation with one of our interns. We talked about how disappointments and frustrations in life are inevitable, and it is truly okay to not be okay. She reminded me of the importance of taking time to lament and simply being upset with the sin and brokenness of the world. Even a good cry can be very helpful while processing things. I was encouraged when she reminded me that we can keep moving on and trust that the Lord is taking care of us even in the midst of ordinary and frustrating moments.

It is truly a blessing to have interns who want to sit with me and meet me where I am at. God has been so kind and gracious to me through the constant prayers and encouragement from our interns and community. Summer Conference will be a memory that I will treasure for a long time, and I’m looking forward to encouraging others to come next year.

The main thing that has been so evident to me is: God is at work!


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